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Maskan Construction Services (MCS)

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Maskan Construction Services

(MCS) Planning - Services

Effective construction planning is pivotal, encompassing objective determination, timeline setting, resource allocation, schedule creation, risk identification, and mitigation strategy development. My advisory capacity ensures comprehensive support in developing and implementing foundational planning elements for your project, crucial for its success from conception to fruition.

(MCS) Pre-construction Process

In the pre-construction phase, MCS excel in site analysis, feasibility studies, budgeting, and cost analysis, creating detailed project specifications, and defining project scope. My expertise in cost modeling ensures a comprehensive assessment from budget to GMP, aiding clients in making informed financial decisions at each stage. Thorough feasibility studies, encompassing location, structure method, façade options, MEP, and interior construction, provide innovative solutions without compromising design intent. Seamless coordination with stakeholders during the design-build aspect ensures successful project outcomes.

(MCS) Design build-IPD

Specializing in an Integrated Project Approach, MCS excel in providing innovative solutions to enhance project delivery. Key components include fostering collaboration and teamwork, early involvement of stakeholders, and implementing a strategy of risk and reward sharing. This approach ensures streamlined processes and successful outcomes for every project.

(MCS) Procurement

Efficiently managing the procurement process is crucial in construction projects, involving sourcing the necessary materials, equipment, and services. Leveraging my long-term industry relationships, cultivated throughout my career, MCS can secure the best cost and performance from qualified subcontractors and suppliers, tailored to your project type and location, ensuring optimal project execution and success.

Maskan Construction Services

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